Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Great I AM

If You can make the sunshine,
If You produce the rain,
Then surely You can save me,
From this ever present pain.

If You can stop a storm,
And cause the sea to part,
Then oh, so effortless it will be,
To mend my broken heart.

God, you are so powerful,
You've made the world exist.
That power will make it easy for you,
To erase the scars on my wrists.

You've turned water into wine,
You turn daytime into night,
You're omnipotent and powerful,
Only You can make me right.

Awesome Lord, You saved us,
When You died and rose again.
Someday I'll be victorious too,
But, can you please tell me when?

My Great, Almighty God,
So much wonder you inspire.
Could you please douse my heart?
And quiet this raging fire?

You made it rain for 40 days,
And caused the world to flood.
So now it will be simple,
To stop my flowing blood.

Commanding King of King's,
Creation trembles at Your call.
Could you please command Your angels?
To catch me as I fall?

The sun sets at your command,
And up springs the silver moon.
With all the miracles You've performed,
Can it be my turn soon??



Anonymous Wing 0 said...

... there is one thing that the great almighty can never do... understand and empathize the pain within every individual... everyone looks up into the sky and yell out their deepest wishes... write down or blog their life desires... but to no avail... you would hate to believe it... you would really hate to believe it... but the great almighty is a great superficial... god would only answer to those who yell louder than the rest... show that they are in greater pain than the one beside them... take drastic action that everyone including god would take notice... the great almighty grants death for the severely malnourished in Mozambique because they see and live true suffering... the great almighty grants death for the ones who commit suicide... (not everything in the bible is true afterall... the only "truth" would be so vague that we would never be able to get anything about it...) because the pain within their hearts... is too much to bear... would you believe angels to catch you fall, when they are all the way up in the skies?... the great almighty preforms massive miracles that would be remembered by all... why would he want to touch the life of one sweet little girl like you; miracles that would only be remembered by one person alone... tis gonna be a while before the great almighty grants your wish... make do with what you have now... don't yearn for the angels in the sky... embrace and love the little angels below you...

8/14/2006 9:00 a.m.  

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