Wednesday, May 16, 2007

One day - you'll hear....

One day
you'll hear
about how they found me
hiding in the bathroom
with a kitchen knife
slashing at my wrists
screaming, hysterically
how much i wanted to die

-> and it will be ALL your fault

one day
you'll hear
that I'm in the hospital again
not for attempted suicide this time
but for blood loss
there were too many
they were too deep
it was too much
i couldn't stop
i couldn't slow the blood
i couldn't cut out the pain

->and it was ALL your fault

one day
you'll hear
"the funeral's next Tuesday"
I'm dead
I've finally done it
I'm finally gone
and you'll never have to put up with me again
I'm dead and I'm never coming back
gone forever

->and it's ALL your fault


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